The Suicidal Knight

“Sire Perceval is in the open land before the ring challenging you.â€? Esbin Drey announced while clicking his new mechanical hand on his breast plate.
“How large is his army?â€?
“He is alone my leige.â€?
“Yes he has invoked the laws of Canley and demands you face him one on one.â€?
Within an hour The kings soldiers flooded the battlefield before the Perceval.
“So this isnt going to be a fair fight is it, you coward?â€? Pereceval prevoked.
“No man insults me, cut him down.â€?
As the soldiers charged toward the proud knight, Perceval flung off his cloak to reveal brilliant armor with a Templar cross on it and a bloody hand print on the the chest.
Esbin commanded.
“What are you doing?â€?
“Sire that mark is the hand of the Pope, any nation who strikes it down is declaring war on Rome. Pull the men inside the fortress this has just become complicated.â€?

Olgoth rode up behind the suicidal knight, “Cousin let us withraw Kira and Farafez are a day behind us, with ten thousand men.â€?

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