Explanations All Around

“Okay. Pickleball’s simple enough. You both know how to play ping-pong?” We nodded, inwardly smiling & reminiscing. When we were younger we’d have the most insane games of ping-pong this side of the International Date Line.
“Well,” Cricket continued, “pickleball’s basically tennis-sized ping-pong with a Wiffle ball.”
“Tennis-sized ping-pong?” we questioned in unison.
“Sheesh, you guys are in stereo! It’s like you guys know each other inside & out!” Cricket marveled.
“Oh,” Lin exclaimed in surprise, darkly smiling, “Xiaoli hasn’t told you yet?”
“Told me what?”
Lin reached behind her head, undoing the ties on the mask covering her eyes. Lowering it from her face, I saw Cricket’s eyes widen to the size of quarters.
“Are. You. Serious?!” he whispered in shock.
“Now you know, Broadway Boy,” Lin said, tying the cloth once more over her eyes.
“Well.” Cricket cleaned his glasses on the corner of his shirt. “That explains a lot.”

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