Red Rain - Red Life

It was a cloudy day in the month of June, it had not rained for weeks. The rain was no longer rain like we knew, the rain had a hint of red to it. It continued to rain for days and days. After several days of the red rain the media began to go crazy, people were acting as if the world was coming to an end.

Meteorologist were claiming that it was due to a dramatic change in the climate. Theologians were calling for the second coming of christ. The rivers were flowing with all of their might, and they were rising out of their banks into nearby towns. Animals were a vibrant red, along with anything that could absorb water including many blonde headed women.

My dad was watching CNN when the rain stopped and he said that a red headed lady appeard on the screen. She said 4 words "This is my life". The rain began again and this time it was a normal rain. The rain washed away all of the red and the world was now a better place for red heads.
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