How I Met Jamie Rose. (Super Silly-Totally Whatever-I Hardly Even Know What She's Talking About CHALLENGE!!!)

I gut frendz in loe plazes played in the background.
I stepped to the counter at the Tom Thumb, which i am sure is another evil arm of Oprah’s consumer driven walmart nazi empire, but what the hell they sell beer at midnight and I grabbed the 2 for 99 cent sour gummy worms off the rack . suddenly I noticed the enigmatic Gordian knot before me.
Alright well to be honest at first I was drawn to the tiny butt cleavage hanging out of her thin shorts that had cheer written across them, but then it took a turn as I noticed the crutches and the amputated leg shrouded in a pristine pure white gauze, accept for one tiny drop of blood where this adolescent siren’s knee was supposed to be.
she glided to the counter and purchased a soldier of fortune magazine, a hustler and a pack of Marlboro Reds.
As the 1 legged pigtailed princess pirouetted into her 4 wheel drive with 46’’ gumbo mudders, the cashier said, “I know she ain’t but 16 but the purdy lil thing done got mangled up, she praolly needz a smokeâ€?

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