The Writer Gets Accepted

“What are you getting at?”

I was grateful that it was dark, because I had to open and close my eyes several times (looking like a doofus in the process), to get my bearings together.

“Look, I’m not going just to visit my dad,” I sighed, lacing my fingers together gingerly. “My dad’s having a bit of trouble with his health…and I need to be with him.”

A moment of silence passed between us, as if he was considering what I was saying.

“I can’t just leave you here,” I said, now rubbing my throat again. “So…would you like to come with me – us?”

I corrected myself as soon as Scooter crawled into my crossed legs.

“You say your father’s in Ireland?”


Another pause. This is getting oddly annoying. What’s all the quiet for?

“Well…it’s not like there’s anything left for me here,” he whispered, and then shrugged. “Sure, why not? I’ll tag along.”

“Glad to have you aboard, your Highness.”

Raine’s hand went to touch Scooter’s head, and the cat lashed out at him.

“You’ll bond.”

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