Olgoth and Perceval Chat

With the King’s army tucked safely behind the walls of the fortress, there was no choice for Perceval but to join Olgoth and his band of knights camped outside.

“What were you thinking?” admonished Olgoth.
“I would like an audience with the King.” Perceval curtly replied.
“What for?! We’re here to fight him, not have him over for tea! You know he’s beyond reason! Ask the Tax Collector!”
Perceval stood and paced. He was obviously distraught.
“Come now, Brother. Tell me what is on your mind.” Olgoth’s voice was softer.
Perceval sat down again, sighed, and stared at the blazing fire. Olgoth patiently waited.

“I wanted to take him out so Kira wouldn’t have to fight!”
“Kira can take care of himself, besides Mardy won’t let him get hurt this time, since he’ll be riding her.”
“You don’t know that!” Perceval snapped.
“He’s MY son!” Olgoth snapped back. “I’ll worry about him, OKAY ?”
Perceval walked off. He thought about his promise to Mardy, that he wouldn’t let Kira get even a scratch. He’d already let her down.

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