They entered a place unlike any they had seen. It was beautiful. It seemed magical to their 6-year-old eyes, like anything could happen here.

They both stopped and gasped, then one ran ahead. She ran through the green trees, her blond hair bouncing and her arms spread out. Her little white sandals hit the dirt lightly in the middle of the road and her yellow dress flowed behind her. Her giggles echoed through the trees.

The other one walked through more slowly, wandering to the left side of the road, looking up, twirling a peice of her brown hair on her finger. She touched the bark of one of the trees and examined the difference between her soft hand and the rough bark.

Then she looked over at the other girl, several yards ahead of her, making sure she was still okay. She could still hear her laughing, happy as only a 6-year-old can be. She smiled and followed after her.

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