King Bluetooth's Words

King Bluetooth cornered Esben in his private chambers.
“What do you mean attacking one man with some painted on symbol is the same as attacking Rome?” His face was red and a vein was throbbing on his forehead.

“Sire, I implore you! Please! Perceval was one of the greatest of the Dragoons! He probably still has connections! If the Pope hears…you would be accused of blasphemy! Excommunicated, well, once you were defeated by the Roman soldiers..”

“Esben! Don’t talk defeat to me! I have won these lands before and I will win them again! You were confounded by oiled hides! You had your arm cut off by a boy! Don’t be giving me military advice! In fact, GET OUT , and tell Commander Halibrand to get in here!”

Esben was more than willing to leave the King’s sight. But he left very angry and sour. Perceval almost cost him his job!

Esben didn’t get long to sulk before he was summoned back to the King’s chambers.

“You are to meet with the opposition. Tell them we will fight tomorrow at dawn! And bring their dragon!”

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