Rosemary Lane - Espers [Music Challenge]

Until a young sailor came there to stay, my life had been normal.

And that was the beginning of my misery.

Nothing strange had happened until I heard his voice ring out through the empty dining hall. I stepped out from the Sailing Wind Inn counter and walked to the table where the man sat alone, sipping at the brandy by his side gingerly, as if each drop brought the bad memories that made his stare so blank.

As I came closer, he quickly turned towards me on steady feet.

“Will you bring me a candle to light me to bed?” he asked, his eyes now clear. It was as if a strong wind had blown away any trace of misery that had plagued his stone grey eyes.

“Certainly, sir.” I bobbed a curtsy, and lit a small candle, walking towards the stairs.

When we reached the door, he gestured for me to come in. I hesitated a moment as he walked inside.

And I followed.

A decision I will regret until I die.

Now, as I sit in my rocking chair, the baby conceived on that night sleeping in my arms, the memories cloud my eyes.

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