Tears of Nature [Diabolically Villanous Challenge]

Mother Nature’s tears flew quickly down her face as she faced the misery that was now her beloved world.

The tears fell to the earth, where flowers briefly bloomed before shriveling quickly underneath the toxic air, the roots barely scratching the hard surface.

Mother Nature watched as humanity went on the blind path to it’s own destruction, and her death.

She watched as countless acres of her lush forests were burned, cut, and murdered.

She watched the many metal shells scooting past on black, dead highways.

She watched clouds of black smoke float up into the air, and rain back on to the earth, killing all with it’s poison.

She watched skyscrapers reach for the sun, while the land around was dying in the ripples left behind.

She watched as the black mistake of Mother Nature’s plan destroyed everything, anything it could.

And as Mother nature cried in pain, not a single human took the time to wipe away her tears.

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