Gastrologer Prophet Demiurge

“I don’t know,” I told Janine. “Some of these new animé titles are just a little bit too esoteric for me.”

“Like what?” Janine asked, glancing over my shoulder at the BitTorrent file list.

“Well, this one. What’s that about?” I pointed at the title about halfway down the screen.

Janine considered. “I think that’s about a stomach doctor who has a religious experience concerning fried chicken, so he creates a chain of restaurants to compete with KFC .”


“You know that in Japan, KFC is considered a traditional Christmas food?”

“Well, no, I—”

“In larger cities, they actually have to reserve buckets of chicken ahead of time to make sure they have it. It’s big business.”

“That’s crazy.”

Janine warmed to her subject. “And every KFC has a big creepy-looking statue of Colonel Sanders outside of it. They call him ‘Colonel Chicken.’”

“So an animé about a fried chicken stand—”

“A religious fried chicken stand,” she corrected. “Apparently it’s very popular.”

Curiosity piqued, I clicked “download.”

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