The White Flag

As the sun rose to its highest point in the sky, a shadow crossed over the knights. Mardy circled and landed near the camp, Kira vaulted off and ran to his dad. Olgoth warmly embraced him.
“Dad! We’ve got an army!” he pointed and cresting over the the hill came a huge force of mismatched men with all manner of weaponry.
“I know, Son. Legends of your army have traveled faster than Mardy can fly!” Olgoth smiled. Kira couldn’t remember the last time his dad smiled.
A trumpet blew in the distance breaking up the happy moment. A lone rider galloped to an empty space between them and the fortress. He bore a white flag.
“What’s this?” Olgoth voiced aloud. Kira, Perceval, Olgoth, Rothgar, and few others all rode out to meet the lone messenger.
“Oh, the slave! You bring an army to meet me? Are they fettered to you, Olgoth? Not ready to taste freedom?” Esben taunted.
“Shut up!” Kira screamed, drawing his light sword but Esben quickly nicked his face. A soldier flinched beside him and grabbed his own face. Olgoth stared

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