Born in Hell: Chapter 1, Dreaming of Angels

Dreaming of Angels

Cold. God, so cold. I can’t feel my hands…my feet either. Where was I? I was lying in a pile of snow. Something else, as well. Red. Blood?
Yes, yes. It was blood. My Blood. I didn’t feel anything. No pain. I tried to sit up on my elbows. A striking pain in my chest. My heart accelerated. I looked down to see a horribly vivid image of blood overtaking my chest, spurting from my heart, but i wasn’t getting any weaker.
I hear a sound from the snowy woods surrounding me. Footsteps. They were softly approaching me, no…not footsteps. Wings?
And then he came over me. Yes,
he. A crystal, shining halo and brilliant wings, but his face was so bright I couldn’t see his features. I reached out towards him, but he leaned away. I tried again, but he disappeared.

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