Born in Hell: Chapter 2, Birthday Surprises

Birthday Surprises

“Embry!” A screeching voice shattered my nightmare. “For God’s sake! Get up, dammit! You’ll be late for school, again! Don’t think that just because it’s your birthday you’l—”
By then, Aunt Maura had reached my doorway as i was getting out of bed. Her mouth fell open as she scanned over me. I was only confused for a second, before i looked in my full-length mirror propped on my closet door. Wow.
Oh God, what happened? It wasn’t even the same body that i was in last night. I looked so much older. Last night, i was my fourteen-year-old self, and now…wow.
My face had become slimmer, my body must have been at least 5”7 now. My hair was slightly darker, and my eyes as well, yet my skin was almost paler, if that was possible. I was … hot.
Aunt Maura adjusted her dumbfounded posture.
“Damn. I guess it’s true what they say about growing overnight. Get ready for school, okay?”
“uh…” I was still stunned. ” sure.”

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