Born in Hell: Chapter 3, Overnight


I threw my flannel shorts on the floor and reached for my worn out jeans. My mind wasn’t happy with all of the confusion that had occured over the past 7 hours. I thinking about my dream more than the phenomenon that had happened to my body. I knew that it was just my imagination, but why had the angel run from me? What had I done?
That’s when i removed my navy t-shirt. I blinked for a fairly long time, trying to understand what was in front of my eyes. My dream was getting in the way. I had imagined a huge blackish-blueish bruise the size of my fist on the middle-left side of my chest.
I closed my eyes for a very, very long time. Standing there, with my body facing the mirror. I took many deep, forceful breaths, letting everything in my mind go, trying to make it back to sanity. I opened my eyes.
It was still there.

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