Born in Hell: Chapter 4, Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding

Hell no. Oh hell no. I was working up for a pretty loud scream for Aunt Maura. It had to be some vicious heart problem that broke through last night when i was sleeping, and that was causing the dream, right? Internal bleeding of some kind.
I muffled my own scream before it could happen. Wait, if it was internal bleeding, then why wasn’t i feeling it? I should be in intense pain right now. I felt completely fine. Better, actually. Stronger somehow.
I stared at the massive mark that covered my heart for an extremelly long time.
“Embry! Come on.” I could hear her footsteps coming up the stairs.
“Yeah,” I replied. “Hold on, Aunt Maura.” I pulled on the darkest shirt i could find that would in no way show the dark spot on my chest. Wow. It was tighter up top. Nice improvement, i had to admit.
I looked at the unfamiliar person in the mirror one more time and clasped my hand to my heart before I left.

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