The Dynamic Duo

The dark haired man lit a cig and puffed quickly to fill his lungs with cancerous vapor. The taste of promised death seemed to invigorate him as he slid his hands over the motel counter. He grabbed a zippo from the display stand and pocketed it without a word or second thought.He walked out into the bright sunlight and squinted at his partner.
“Are we checked out?” the other man asked.
“Good. Im thirsty. Il be right back.”
“Dont slip.”the first man replied as he climbed into the Jeep.

The second man walked into the motel lobby,his bald head covered in sweat from the heat. His black leather made no sound as he stepped over to the fridge and grabbed a pepsi. He glanced down beside the counter and saw the owner and his wife,both with an extra hole in their head and copious amounts of blood on the floor.

He smiled and dinged the bell on the counter.
“Order up.” he snickered as he stepped over their bodies and out the door again.

Outside, a jeep started and drove off.

Inside, nothing moved.

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