Sangsue- part 3

I stared at him for a bit. His unusual eyes darted back and forth, waiting for a fight. I merely put my hands on my hips. “And why should I leave?”
“Because,” he winced, “I’m the only tame one here.”
“What?” It sounded like he was calling himself a cat
“There are other people here. Others like me. But they aren’t as…civilized as me. So leave before the others wake up.”
“What does that mean?” I impatiently asked. I wanted to know what was up. Mike, or Oaikil, laughed cynically, “You’re so naive Bree. Can’t you tell I’m not human? Are the eyes and looks not enough?” I started to be freaked Oaikil was telling the truth. “Here. Here’s more proof.” And he lifted his finger up to his mouth, pointing at his canine tooth. It was extra sharp, like fangs. But people don’t have fangs. As I leaned in to get a better look, Oaikil inhaled deeply, before backing off, “You better leave now.” He began walked away. “Wait, I’m not done talking to-” i didn’t finish because i tripped, causing a loud clatter.
“Nice work.”

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