Sangsue- part 6

I can’t believe it. This isn’t real, I’m imagining things, I thought to myself. I repeatedly pinched myself, thinking I was dreaming. But it was very real. They were here, in my school. And no one was making a huge deal. What was going on? As I was stumbling through the hallways I saw my boyfriend, Parker, at his locker. I ran up to him, “Parker, oh God.”
“You seem a bit shaken Bree?”
“Do you notice something different about some people? Like their eyes?”
“Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s some new clique. They all have those contacts and weird names as well. Such as her,” Parker pointed towards a freshman who’s name I knew was Lizzy, “Her name is now Sicilo. It’ll pass soon Bree. Relax.” And even though I wanted to listen to him, I couldn’t. Because I knew the truth. I caught up with who was Maria and ran up to her, “Maria! What’s going on?” She looked at me weirdly, “Maria? My name’s Wenygo.” I grabbed her shoulder only for her to brush me off, yelling behind her, “Freak!” And I sure felt like a freak too.

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