Occupy pt.2 (cont.)

I have to mention him, so I will, Danny.
I want to feel like I want to help.
Myself stops me from wanting to, my caring is strangled.
And I want to put my hand in the wound to stop
It from bleeding.
It no longer is my responsibility. It never was.
I can no longer make his problems my problems.
I like thinking about him when I am outside
In the dark, those boomerangs he will always remember.
I hate it that he remembers so well.
I wish that that side of his memory would be numb.
Rather than fresh, I want him to feel what I feel.
I want his hurt to go away, like mine.
I want his mind to be numb, like mine.
I get so confused that I do not know how to tell right from wrong.
Is it wrong to miss him?
Is it wrong to keep him.
Being a friend was harder than I imagined.
People always said that we were going to love each other.

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