Relief, but Maybe Not...

November 13, 2008
We have made a steady trek going Northward, and there is only about a 10 hour drive ahead of us. Canadian News reports are saying that the disease could have hit Nebraska and surrounding areas by now. I’m starting to feel rather proud of myself for steering my family in the right direction. (To a remote place in Northern Canada that is.) As I was listening to the radio, a breaking news report came on. “Canadian Officials has issued a state of emergency and border closure to hopefully contain the inevitable disease spread throughout Canada. Borders will be closing with in the next 15 hours.”
“Shit! God Damn it!” screeched my step dad.
“Honey, calm down,” replied my mother calmly.
“Okay, but we’re going to start speeding up. I don’t think sleeping is an option tonight.”
At 11 that night I fell asleep, but my parents were wired on energy drinks which, by the way, is one of the funniest things I saw this “road trip”.

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