The Army of Free Men Makes Bluetooth wait.

Perceval smirked at Kira,”We do not negotiate with slaves my liege, this is a violation of the laws of Canly.”
Olgoth started to smirk because Perceval was obviously insulting Esbin Drey and the king’s envoy.
Perceval turned to Halibrand and asked, “And you sir? Did you supply your pattens of nobility for these proceedings, well of course not this Norse Oak tree probably holds a greater claim to royalty(pointing at the rough exterior of Rothgar).
Farafez retorted, “This Giant is my Valet, watch your manners dear brother.”
“Please forgive me, leave it to the most fierce warrior in the east to have the largest squire in the west.”
Esbin interrupted, “we are trying to discuss the terms.”
Perceval spoke sternly, “THERE WILL BE NO DISCUSSION ! We are an army of free men and we do not negotiate with slaves, we set them free by killing slave masters. If Blue britches would like to negotiate have him send an envoy of noble birth as per the laws of Canly. Until then, we will be singing and dancing like free men.”

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