Perceval Wants To Party?

As Esbin Drey rode off Perceval put his arm around Farafez and whispered something in his ear.
Farafez drew an arrow across a bow and shot an arrow through the air into the mechanical arm of Esbin drey from almost 500 yards away.
“Sorry Esbin Drey It twas a misfire, SLAVES SHOULDNT COMPLAIN THOUGH !!!”
Perceval said to Kira,”Wow what kind of majik is that? I saw you slice off the arm and now arrows won’t pierce it.”
“I thought we were going to fight not picnic” Kira complained.
“Oh we will fight, but we will fight, not when the sun is in front of us, when it is behind us so they wont be able to hurt Mardy. Till then we will let them stew.”
Perceval clapped his hands and yelled, “Now i know out of all you old Pirates and scoundrels one of you can play some music, snap to it. Lets roast those goats, just because its a war doesn’t mean we cant eat.”
“Da did he get hit in the head?” Kira asked Olgoth.
“Son even in the worst of times a freeman can laugh, he wants to show that to Bluetooth’s men.”

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