Sangsue- part 9

My fist clenched the rock that was behind me as Oaikil came closer and closer, jaws slowly opening. I had to turn my face away, even though Oaikil’s face was perfect. His breath smelled like rotting meat.
Then, as fast as I could, I shoved the rock in Oaikil’s jaw, pushing him as far away from me as possible (which I realized wasn’t very far) and I ran with all my heart. Further behind me I heard a loud snap, like a bone breaking. I didn’t stop though. I kept running, soon feeling a quick breeze blow by me. I stumbled to a stop for Oaikil was suddenly in front of me, smiling evilly. I noticed that his one sharp tooth was sharp no more, chipped to the point where it was almost gone. “Nice move back there,” He compliemented, “But you gotta be a little quicker.” I tried to escape now by shoving myself into his chest, but he merely laughed at my try, “Sorry Bree, but you’re not getting away this time.” And he picked me up off the ground. Meanwhile, I prepared myself for the pain that I knew was coming.

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