Born in Hell: Chapter 5, Abandoned


After a quick kiss on Aunt Maura’s cheek, I sprinted out our front door and towards the street corner, which was, well, downwards. I’ve lived in San Francisco as long as I can remember. Aunt Maura adopted me after my Mom, her sister, vanished into thin air. According to Aunt Maura, anyways. I was left in my Mom’s deserted house in North Michigan for two weeks before anyone discovered my infant body. It’s still a mystery to everyone why I was still alive by that point.
After crossing the crazy traffic for six blocks, I reached the Yalone High School. Fantastic, this day wouldn’t be easy for me. I was supposed to be celebrating my turning 15, not explaining why I wasn’t even myself, literally.
I walked across the courtyard, and of course people stared. Obviously the people that knew me were in shock, but also some of the Senior guys were looking at me. Lusty. I guess I did look almost 16 now instead of 15. Nice.

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