Born in Hell: Chapter 6, Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

I walked faster than normal to get to Algebra, to avoid any more questions. I’d had enough for one morning, and it hadn’t even started yet. I sat by Charlottle, my best companion, dropping my backpack on the floor.
“Damn, girl.” I took a deep sigh as she took my appearance in. I gave her five minutes before I interrupted her thoughts.
“Don’t ask, because I absolutely have no idea.” I responded, my voice stressed.
“Okay.” She actually looked at my new face now.
“Well, I should have said it already, but Happy Birthday, Bree. You celebrate at night, yeah?”
“Yeah. You coming over?”
“Sure, thanks. But this afternoon, i’m hitting the mall for a few hours. If you’re in? I think you could use new clothes now.” She tried to hide a smile behind her lips as she looked at my new, better body.
“Okay, sure. I’ll meet you after school?”
“You bet, Beauty Queen.”

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