Sangsue- part 11

After I told Parker everything, he was frozen standing in my kitchen, “Are you serious?”
“Yes I am. Oaikil told me everything before trying to eat me. I wouldn’t have gotten away either if you didn’t want to look for me.”
“He really tried to eat you?” I saw Parker’s eyes harden as he spoke. “No, you’re not going to try and go after him. You won’t win, they’re crazy fast Parker. Promise you won’t go after him?”
“Fine, I promise.”
“Good.” It was silent for a bit as we both let this information sink into our minds. Parker broke the silence by asking, “What are we going to do?” I sat in my chair quietly thinking of some sort of plan before responding, “I guess we should just try and keep on our toes and not get bitten or anything.”
“Hopefully people will soon realize that there is something wrong with these people and they’ll take care of them.”
“Yeah. Hopefully.”

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