Even Warriors Blush

“Hey lad lets have a little rib at your expense.”
“Rothgar, there is probably a better time.”
“Oh Master Kira, now is the time to laugh, for some of us might be dead tonight, come on my lord.”
“If someone else calls me lord i am going to pop!”
“Well sire!”
“Stop i am a peasent like you.”
“I am not a peasent i am the squire of your kinsman, The Mighty Farafez.”
“Hehehe.”Kira finally laughed at the largest man he had ever seen calling himself a squire.
“Well young Lord tell us about your beautiful true love the red headed Katra?” Rothgar quipped.
As they spoke a danty soldier clad in chain mail stopped at the sound of Katra’s description.
“She has Yellow hair.”
“So you don’t deny that she is your true love, that is all we wanted to know.HAHAHAHA.”
Everyone laughed even the knight who had overheard Katra’s description; had the knight not been wearing a helmet they would have seen the warrior blush.

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