In the World's Eyes

I wasn’t scared.

Everyone’s biggest fear is falling through the sky. Nightmares have proved that time and time again.

But I wasn’t scared.

There was a comforting feeling that no matter what happened right now, I would be safe.

And things did begin to happen.

I saw a rainbow stretch out above me, reaching into the dark voids above.

I saw numerous graves fly by, stitched on to the surface of a cloud.

Graves? I wasn’t going to die, was I?

As if sensing my confusion, the old man appeared next to me in the air.

“You have a question?” he asked.

“I thought the clouds were the present, not the future?” I said to the old man beside me.

“They are. Have you ever acknowledged that every second of your life, someone on this planet dies?

This silenced me as I watched the present, embroidered like a tapestry across the endless stretch of clouds, fly by my eyes.

And much too soon, the ground slowly became visible underneath my falling body.

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