Born in Hell: Chapter 8, Fifteen (3)

right hand side, as usual. Maura & Mark were making easy conversation. Lisa, C.J.’s mom was working her second job as a flight attendant. According to Mark, she was probably somewhere near Atlanta by now. It must be hard for C.J. never getting to see his mom. He barely sees his dad enough as it is.
Charlotte was busy texting under the table, and it was just C.J. and me who were unoccupied.
“Well, you’ve changed.” He commented.
“I don’t really want to talk about it.”
He snickered. “Suit yourself.” Strange. He wasn’t staring. He didn’t even have a glint of curiousity in his dark green eyes. It’s as if he understood, even if i didn’t.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you!” He exclaimed in a controlled tone. “I’m going to boarding school this year.”
This was a shocker, along with the irony of getting an envelope from one today, myself. Funny.
“Wow, C.J.! That’s got to be so exciting!” I

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