Born in Hell: Chapter 8, Fifteen (6)

most beautiful item i’d ever seen. A cross. so simple, very simple, yet it was the lovliest thing I had ever seen. White gold?
Charlotte gasped at the same time I did. I could only stare at it, I didn’t look to anyone else it that one moment.
“It was your mothers. We found it in her house. I wasn’t sure when the right time would be to give it to you. I thought that now you’d be ol—”
A long silence. No one ever talked about her in the house. “Yes.”
“It’s amazing.” They all silently agreed. It was an almost perfect moment. Almost. I glanced over everyone’s expressions. C.J. sat there in a very stiff posture, Suddenly so uncomfortable. He glanced at the clock on the wall.
“Hey, Dad. It’s 9:30. Your shift is about to start.”
“Oh, right.” Then Mark turned to Aunt Maura. “We best get goin’. Thanks for inviting us.” Then he turned to Charlotte & me, nodded, and walked out the door. C.J.

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