Born in Hell: Chapter 8, Fifteen (7)

rose and thanked Aunt Maura for the dinner, and mocking his father, nodded towards us. “Goodnight.”
He slowly walked towards the door and out, closing it silently behind him. Then, I snapped the box shut, suddenly remembering that he owed me an explaination. I got up from the sofa. Aunt Maura had left towards the kitchen, and Charlotte looked at my suddenly urgent face.
“I’m okay. I’ll be right back.” After I was clear from her view, I ran out the front door to see C.J. walking from our sidewalk and onto the street.
“C.J.?” My voice was quiet, calm.
He raised his weary head in surprise of my presence. “Yes?”
“How far North?”
“Just Canada.” He smiled, and the worry in his face was slowly erased. Then his eyes brightened. “Oh! I have something for you. Ya know, for your Birthday, I just didn’t have the right moment to give it to you.”

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