Dawg Dialogue [AIM Challenge]

“Yo, waddup dawg?”

“Not much, bro. Just chillin’.”

“That’s cool.”

“Yeah. How’s your girl?”

“Not bad at all. You got one, yet?”

“Nah, man. Been working too much.”

“That ain’t cool, dawg.”

“I know, but ya gotta do whatya gotta do.”

“Yea.. Hey, you seen the big P around?”

“Who? Ya don’t mean tha Paulkizzleboy?”

“Haha! Yea, him.”

“Man, I haven’t seen him forever! Think he moved?”

“Don’t know. That’s why I asked you, dawg. I’ve been outta the loop since school’s out.”

“Yea, me too.”

“Hey, I gotta go, bro. My girl wants to get together.”

“Haha! No prob. Don’t get inta too much trouble, you two.”

“No worries. Don’t be a stranger, bro.”

“You either. See ya, dawg.”

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