Meanwhile, in DC...Pt 4

”...and made an unstoppable army of midgets. Until the sexy assassin Elsha Hawk seemed to switch sides, killing the midgets and Bart all in one process. Now here’s where it gets confusing.”


“Just bear with me a moment, sir. Mask, Stovo, and Band Baby all emerged unscathed, but Band Baby was by Bart’s dead body, and even though Mask was on Bart’s side, she seemed to be surprised that her…ahem…sister was with him. Elsha, having apparently gone completely insane, turned against her former partner Stovo and questioned Mask if they were on her side or not.”

“Ah…Elsha,” the president sighed.

“Yes, Mr. President, I agree. But she can break your face in half. And then put lead through it.”

“Hot, hot lead.”

“Now, Mr. President. Anyhow, like I said, it’s all very confusing…hopefully – ahem, that is: hopefully, ONE FICLETEER can make SENSE of it ALL in a few SEQUELS .” Mr. Bonanafana massaged his throat. “Whew. Excuse me. Don’t know where that came from.”

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