Confessions of a Teenage Star: Chapter 4

“How could you do that?!” I screamed.

“What?” I hated to say it but it actually seemed like Matt had no idea what he’d done wrong.

“Kiss me in front of the paparazzi like that! Now it’ll be in M, Tiger Beat, and pretty much every other magazine in the world. The only reason I even came with you was to get into that club! My mom wouldn’t let me go alone. So you can go find someone else to make out with. But good luck finding someone better than E!’s hottest celebrity.”

After that I ran away and got a ride to a nearby hotel. I never did get to the club that night. I spent the entire time crying. I had been planning on asking out Sean Maxwell, star of this supernatural dramma on after my show on Monday’s. Now he’d think I was nothing but a skank who can’t leave her boyfriend.

When I awoke the next morning I went down to a local cafe. That’s when I saw it. An issue of People with the headline “Cameron: Hollywood’s She-Devil. The Scoop on her Nasty remarks to ex-beau Matt Cambridge.”

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