Nexus House

As I glanced at my new home from the driveway I knew that it was not much to look at. And yet, I could truthfully say its appearance was meaningless in my choice to purchase it. No, I purchased it for an entirely different reason.

It sat directly over a nexus of untold potency and magical power.

You see, I’m a wizard. Not in the sense of a spiritual belief, no I am a fully practicing magic user. One of the very few true magic users in this part of the world. I can bend the energies of the world to my will. Not easily, of course, but it still can be done.

And I’m gay. Now, this could just be wishful thinking on my part, but I think that there is a relation between me being gay and me being a wizard. Not that all gays are wizards, but still, a connection I think is present.

But as I gaze upon my house I couldn’t help but wonder what it will be like for me in the future. But one should never forgot the past either, especially me. For I wouldn’t be where I am or even be who I am, if it wasn’t for my past.

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