Plans Involving Uber Stealthy Ninja Suits and Weed Killer

“Now that we have all eaten our fill of popsicles, can we move on?” Freya glared at James, who gave a childlike grin.

“Yes mommy.”

“Okay, you shut up. This was your idea in the first place.”

“Okay James, tell us your new, nonviolent plan.”

“Fine, though I still argue the point that missile launchers are more fun. Since these so called “artists” thought it would be fun to deface our property, I suggest we do the same.”

“So we spray paint their lockers?”

“No, no, no dear girl, that is too original. We shall sneak to the offenders’ homes in the dead of night, wearing stealthy ninja suits, and use weed killer to leave some messages on their lawn and see how they like it.”

“Umm…is that legal?” I asked markedly.

“Well technically…no. But technacalities can be overlooked for now. All we must do now is buy our ninja suits!”

“Okay, we, as in me and Freya, are not wearing ninja suits. But you have fun with that.And I’m pretty sure we might have to get some weed killer for this to work.”

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