The Writer Departs

“Are you sure that … thing, isn’t over five kilograms?”

I gasped in shock.My Scooter, over five kilograms? Are you nuts? Of course he’s not that heavy! Well … he is pretty hefty, but that’s beside the point!”

“Geez, don’t go getting a heart attack. I just asked.” Raine was tired, but I could see that his blue eyes were sparkling with amusement – one day, he’d get it bad.

Er, that’d be the day that I gained super fighting skills. Well, that day will probably never come.

There was a honk outside, and my head perked up. “The taxi’s here.”

“A taxi drove all the way out here?”

“Come on, man, nothing appalling about it!” I reprimanded, shoving him towards the door. I picked up the cat carrier, and Scooter shifted to the cage’s grille, tipping the cage forward.

Scooter looked at me from behind the bars, and gave a dismal meow.

“Look, I know you don’t want to do this, but Bambi eyes aren’t going to get you anywhere. Both of you! Let’s get going!”

I’m starting to sound like mama.

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