Born in Hell: Chapter 9, the Invitation

The Invitation

By the time I got back inside of the house, Charlotte & Maura were done cleaning the dishes.
“Wow. I feel so useless today.”
“Don’t worry about it, Bree.” Charlotte clanked the last plate into the drying rack. “Well, I hate to bail on you, but if I don’t leave now, my parents will send out a search party for me.”
“Go ahead, Charlie. Thanks so much for coming over!” She slipped on her jacket and headed for the back door.
“Happy Birthday. Goodnight, Maura.” And with that departing note, she was gone.
“You must be exhausted. Are you going to bed?” Aunt Maura questioned.
“I think I’d better. Goonight.”
“Goodnight, Embry.” I climbed the narrow stairway to my closet-sized room, and there it was. Sitting on the top of my pillow was the large envelope addressed from the Demiatra Academy for the Young & Talented.

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