Born in Hell: Chapter 10, Odd


To my surprise, I didn’t panic. My best guess was that it had something to do with C.J. excusing himself to the kitchen. But he was there with us the rest of the time. He had no way to escape to my room. It was odd, but I was still counting on the fact that I would wake up from this day & start it over on my real 15th Birthday.
There was obviously something real special about this school that C.J. needed me to consider going there with him. It was odd, the anxiety he had tonight. We were sweet to eachother, but we had no special relationship whatsoever. I could barely say we were even friends. Why can’t he just bug one of his real buddies about going?
Besides, he wants to run away to Canada. That’s easy for him. His parents don’t even have enough time to see him. I have Aunt Maura & all of my other friends to think about. I can’t just leave. When I realized that I had none of my sanity left to lose, I decided to open the letter.

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