Born in Hell: Chapter 11, Acception


Sure enough,
Dear Student & Guardians,
We would like to formally invite Embry Shay to study at Luxar Demiatra’s Academy for the Young & Gifted.
To be so much as accepted to this school is a fine honor. Each student is extremelly special in more ways than you probably know.
Classes start at the Academy on November 17th, 2008. We do hope that you join us. Boarding is provided, along with three meals a day in the Dining Hall.
We are sorry for the inconviniece, but we do not provide an orientation or tour for the students. Our apologies.
Please consider,
Demiatra’s Academy
9996 Deserted Ocean Drive,
British Columbia, Canada

Classes that start in November? What do they mean by “special”? How can they not have an orientation? Why the hell is C.J. so interested in me going to this place?

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