A Day In The Life Of Boyfightingdinosaur.(Dinosaur boy Challenge)

Captian Trugamuga blew the horn on the space train as it pulled into the depot on the planet superpower.(named that even though only one person had super powers)
A tired boy sat in front of 12,000 inch RCA Holographic Telekenesisvision. They boy was trying to relax by playing his XBox 234,000,000 when the alarm sounded.
Warning invasion is underway by the Half alien half monster truck vampire animals
“Why do they always have to attack while my mom is making spaghetti oh’s?” Said the young Superhero.
The Miniature maruader flew into the air and shot the vampire monster truck men with lightning bolts from his eyes.
“Boy fighting Dinosaur, your spaghetti is ready.”
The boy shot the last of the monster truck aliens and helped push off the space train, then flew back to the depot to eat his Chef Boyardee. He gave the left overs to his pet dinosaur,Norbert.

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