Cowboy2Samurai (Aim Challenge)

“Sir the Tokugowa Shogunate will see you know.”
The head retainer clad in magnificent samurai armor walked ahead of the cowboy. The samurai paused for a second to enjoy the sounds of the samurai armor clinking out a tune accompanied by the jangle of the cowboy’s spurs.
“Hey Pard that is funny little tune these spurs make when they’s a walkin with all them fancy duds use a wearin, I bet we twos the first fellers to eva here them two sounds tugetha”
The samurai didn’t speak a words of english, so he had no idea what the wrangler had said, but he took the oppurtunity to say, “A samurai lives his life for the perfect moment, the sounds of east and west, of spurs and swords…..we might be the first two people to ever hear those sounds together.”
The head Retainer opened the door for the horse salesman
to have his audience, while the samurai started writing a haiku in his head.
The cowboy thought, “Spurs jngle jangle, while kataners dangle…oh i’ll work on it later.”

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