Meet the Urgals

Suddenly, Saphira’s wings jerked spastically as she was pulled up toward the Death Star by a tractor beam. Out of surprise, Eragon momentarily let go of Yoda, C-3PO, and R2-D2, before catching them, 10 feet below.
“Oh bother,” C-3PO grumbled, “I knew this wouldn’t be a pleasant venture what-so-ever.”
As Eragon and his friends were pulled ever closer to what seemed to be certain death, Eragon suddenly hatched a plan on how to rescue Princess Leia. Using the time it took to reach the Death Star to explain his plan to his friends, Eragon soon found himself in the loading bay of the Death Star.
They were surrounded on every side by Urgals dressed up in white armor, all brandishing large, painful looking weapons. But the Urgals weren’t very bright, so they weren’t expecting Eragon and company to be hiding under Saphira’s belly. As two Urgals came by to investigate, Eragon secretively knocked them out with his sword, and allowed him and Yoda to change into the Urgal’s clothing.

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