Battle on the Death Star

They walked over to the other Urgals casually, with C-3PO and R2-D2. “We found these droids over by the dragon,” Eragon said in his best macho voice. “We better bring them over to where Princess Leia’s being held.”
The other Urgals nodded in idiotic agreement, and led Yoda and Eragon to Princess Leia. Oce they’d reached her, Eragon knocked out all of the Urgals, but somewhere in the chaos, lost sight of Yoda. Not thinking to much of it, Eragon explained himself to Princess Leia, and led her and the droids back to Saphira. But when he got there, he found Yoda battling Durza, lightsaber and force, versus sword and spider-powers!
Battling desperately, Yoda saw Eragon in the distance and shouted, “Go without me you must! Save yourself and Varden you must reach!”
Eragon didn’t want to leave Yoda behind, but Yoda was hit before Eragon could protest, and he fell to the floor and vanished.
Outside of the Death Star, Eragon saw Optomus Prime running towards the Death Star at top speed, Murtagh in the driver’s seat

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