Just a construction error(starts with ends with challenge)

The crazy thing about this is it’s just a construction error. Some careless contractor installed a doorknob backwards. It’s not even an important doorknob, just my bedroom closet door. It does give you the willies a little when you realize there’s a key hole facing the inside and a lock button facing the bedroom. You think ‘who gets locked in a closet with a key?’ , then it gets real dark. Nobody gets locked IN with a key. Oh. That’s kind of the point. You could lock somebody in. Oh.
The apartment is like the least likely creepy place I’ve ever lived. I’m accustomed to living in 150 year old mouldering Victorian shotgun slums/ palaces, where even the roaches had a historic pedigree having roached for at least one or two confederate generals in their family tree. This place is less than thirty years old and in good condition,with no unidentifiable stains of dubious origin, or head sized holes in the sheet rock. Still the imprisoning capabilities of my closet are spooky, and that’s all I have to say about THAT !

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