Diary of an Abuse Victim (1)

Day 1
February 3rd

I decided to start a diary about all the things he is doing to me. We had an orientation today in school and one of the victims in the video had kept a diary too.

When i got home from school today he kissed me on the cheek and stroked my chin slowly. I shivered and wanted to pull away but I was too afraid to fight back because I didn’t want him to hurt me or anyone else.

Day 2
February 4th

He hit me again today. I was worried he might try to do something else to me but he was to drunk when I got home from school. He stood up from the sunken couch and walked over to me. He had a rolled up newspaper in his hand and he slapped me across the face with it. I got a bloody nose and I ran up to my room to hide in my closet from him.

**Note; this is not a true story.

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