The tree did it. [Deduction Challenge]

Homicide Detective Frank Oschhouser climbed out of his car and looked around. He was in the empty, city park parking lot. The small lot had crime tape strung up around it.
A short man with a buzz cut approached. “Detective, I’m Sergeant O’Donald.” he said.
Frank Oschhouser said,”What do we have here O’Donald?”
“Looks like murder and robbery, sir. His wallet, watch and ring are missing.”

Detective Oschhouser walked over to the body. The man was lying on his back, a bullet hole in his right temple, and several green leaves around him. But no other green leaves in the parking lot. The detective stood looking at the trees.Then asked, “Have you found the gun?”
“Have your men look over there,” he pointed, “this was a suicide.”
“Do you see that bungy cord hanging in the tree? He put one end of it in the trigger guard, then when he pulled the trigger the bungy cord tossed the gun in those bushes. Look in the nearest sewer and you’ll find his belongings.”

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