The Writer Keeps a Cool Exterior - Hopefully

The airport was like all airports – big, marbled, filled with people and amazingly busy for such an inhumane hour.

My heart was still skipping irregularly from seeing the ‘missing person’ poster, and I had a good mind to stop right here and deny him passage to Ireland.

But then, he’d know something was definitely up. And I don’t know for sure if he’s a good guy – he might just be an amazing actor.

And I certainly didn’t forget the numerous times I had been assaulted in my own house.

Scooter mewed, and pawed at my hand through his grille. “I know…I don’t like planes either. We’ll have to bear with it. But I brought your relaxing treats!”

True to my word, I had. The treats had special herbs and sedatives that calmed pets down.

Now, if I had a few for myself, that’d be just dandy!

“You’re still fawning over the cat?”

“What a blow to the heart; I’m not fawning. It’s called taking care of your pet. Scooter doesn’t like planes.”

“The poor thing.”

“Would you like a treat? It’s relaxant.”

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