sadness in a smile (worlds luckiest man with a dead arm)

the two lay in the darkness
he was amazed that he found someone that could captivate him by even the simple act of sleeping
she had been cold,no small wonder laying on the floor like that, and much to her protest he had covered her with his jacket and placed his arm beneath her head, the arm that he could no longer feel as the blood had rushed from it hours ago
now, cold, tired, and very uncomfortable,he still felt like the luckiest man on earth
minutes passed,and as he watched her sleep,listened to her breathe,he wished he could see what she kept hidden behind her eyes,so far out of reach…to him at least
behind her smile there was a sadness that she didnt even try to hide any longer, a sadness that killed him to know was there, to know there wasnt anything he could do…
she snored a little in her sleep, startling him out of his reverie, and he smiled, he would tease her about it tomorrow, but for now, he let her be
tomorrow only began when his sunshine woke up, just like it had every other day

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